Creating an Exercise Bundle using Quick Assign


This article will guide you through the process of creating an Exercise Bundle using the Quick Assign options on the Teacher Dashboard.




1. Using the Quick Assign menu, find the content you wish to add to the Bundle.


2. Select an Exercise Type for the content you have chosen.





4. If you have previously created a Bundle, you can add the new exercise to it, or create a new Bundle.



5. Repeat steps 1-4 for any other Exercises you wish to add to your Bundle.


6. From your Teacher Dashboard, select the "Teaching" tab, then "Exercise Bundles".


7. You should now see your newly created Bundle in the list.



8. To share with all other teachers at your school click on the icon under "Shared"

    Any other teacher can now "Take a Copy" of this bundle from the "Shared Bundles" tab on this page of         their Dashboard.



9. To assign the bundle, you can use the checkboxes to assign the Bundle to individual students.


10. To assign to a whole class group (or to ALL students under your Teacher account), Select the classes you wish to assign this Bundle to.


11. To schedule a bundle to be assigned at a later date (lesson planning etc.), simply enter a date in the drop-down calendar.  You can also specify a date that the student should complete the Bundle by clicking the "Due Date" checkbox and entering the completion date.