Teacher Admin: Quick Assign

The Quick Assign tab will allow you to quickly search and locate content for students in your class of all ability levels.  

You are then able to allocate student's tasks based on your search results.

  • Select the Teaching tab inside your Teacher Admin.  You will be automatically taken into the Quick Assign area.
  • Select the content area and year levels you would like to search within or simply leave it at All Subjects.


teachdashqahl.png teacherdashqasubhl.png



  • For a more direct search, you can type in concepts or key words into the search tab.
  • Once you have made your selections click SEARCH.  All of the exercises in the program that relate to your search will appear.



  • There is also an advanced and fluid filter options along the left hand side of your page. This will allow you to narrow your search parameters so to find the most appropriate exercises for your students.



  • Once you have found an exercise that you would like to learn more about or wish to assign to students simply click into it. 
  • You are able to play the exercise to view what your students will experience once the task has been assigned to them.
  • You can filter between your various learning groups within your class and then assign the task only to this group.
  • You can assign the exercise to all students, a group of students or to individual students by clicking in the checkbox in the top left corner (whole class or group) or in the checkbox next to a student's name (individual students).


  • You will also be a able to view additional information that relates to the exercise (see below an example of all of the Reading exercises in the program).


Check out our product release page here for more information on the benefits of the new Quick Assign feature or click here to watch our how to video video!