Unable to hear the audio?

If you're unable to hear the audio within LiteracyPlanet, please check the following:

  • Is your volume control turned ON?  What about your speakers?  
  • Are you able to hear sound/audio on other sites?
  • Are you able to hear sound/audio using onboard programs (ie. sound files, video files)?
  • Do you have a firewall that might block .mp3 files?  You can check by selecting the following link, which should produce the audio for 'literacy':  http://intrepica-support-dir.literacyplanet.com/support2/en-au/mp3/literacy.mp3
  • Do you have enough space on your device to download the sound files for your exercise?  This would mainly affect tablets. 

If the above doesn't appear to help, please let us know by contact our Support Team and including as much information about the Device, Operating System and any other relevant details. 


iPad Muting:

 On newer model iPads, the mute feature will allow some system sounds (and occasionally some app sounds) to be played. This can give the impression that the sound works, but the audio in LiteracyPlanet is broken.

Please swipe UP from the bottom of the screen, and check the status of the "MUTE" feature.

IMG_0037.PNG     IMG_0036.PNG

      This mode will mute LiteracyPlanet          This mode will NOT mute LiteracyPlanet