Book a Premium LiteracyPlanet Professional Development and Training Session For Your School ($799+GST)

Premium LiteracyPlanet Professional Development and Training Seminars
(up to 4 hours) $799 +GST*

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For those schools seeking a highly specialised program, the premium option provides a half-day session on not just how to use the LiteracyPlanet program, but a structured workshop on ways to adapt the program to suit your own Literacy goals and learning outcomes. We provide you with specialised training on how to bundle exercises and schedule them, how to embed LiteracyPlanet exercises and tasks into your own curriculum planning and show you how to make the most of your LiteracyPlanet subscription across the whole school.

Tailored to suit your school; choose a time slot and training structure that suits you, or perhaps you’d like us to work with small groups in smaller 30 – 40-minute blocks – either way, you can choose a workshop structure that is right for you.

Firstly, we will prepare a pre-PD survey to analyse the needs of your school and tailor our professional learning to suit you! Then, we will construct a presentation that will help you make the most out of this incredible program. We provide handouts and regular Q&A time to answer those most pressing questions. There is even the opportunity to win a prize with our LiteracyPlanet exam at the end of the session!

Areas that we cover in these sessions include, but are not limited to the following:
• Managing students; locking year levels, differentiation, reporting analysis and tracking, assessment, diagnostic tools, program locking and more
• Task assignment; searching for the right exercises and choosing tasks to suit the different needs and levels in your classroom
• How to incorporate exercises and tasks to your literacy program; ways of using LiteracyPlanet in the classroom and in your school
• How to track student progress in our various reporting tools, including how to use exercises to assess your students' abilities
• How to create task bundles so that you can set, schedule and monitor student progress
• How to set students up in the QUEST (a student guided learning pathway where students are rewarded for their efforts in completing exercises)
• How to incorporate the program into your own curriculum planning – selecting exercises from our Curriculum and Content Guide to suit your own planning and pedagogies
• How to utilise our Teaching Resources and support pages; find out how you can access a range of amazing resources

*Available to schools within a 50km radius of the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast CBD area. For schools outside this area, an additional charge of 75c per km will apply.
**Schools outside of NSW, QLD and VIC please contact us for more information about cluster PD sessions in your area