Student Guided Mode (Quest): Levels, Content & Descriptions

Click here for detailed information on the QUEST Levels and how to incorporate them into your planning: This link takes you through to a category of detailed information outlining every exercise, the learning objectives and the success criteria within each zone of the Student Guided Mode. This information is a great addition to planning documents when justifying its use alongside your other curriculum based work. 

Introducing the New LiteracyPlanet Student Guided Mode (Quest).

LiteracyPlanet knows that teachers are the best judges of their students’ needs, which is why the program is structured to allow teachers to best manage the needs of their students. What we also know is that teachers are time poor and they would love to be able to provide students with a valuable learning tool, even when they may not have the time to drive the program themselves. Imagine being able to offer your students a LiteracyPlanet experience that is automated, while still having the ability to assign tasks that are individualised to all.

Now we can offer you the best of both worlds!

Now, with the help of an Australian Master Teacher, we have put together a learning pathway that provides teachers with an automated program of tasks for their students along a Quest.  An automated Guided Mode that students take through our LiteracyPlanet content to help them improve their literacy results.  The content that has been scoped and sequenced with the National Curriculum.

It’s what you’ve been doing this whole time, only this time, we’ve done it for you.

We know and understand our content. We know how to map this content to maximise outcomes for your students and we wanted to make it easier for you. We also know that you would love to be able to continue to provide your students with all the content in the program, with year level access that can be continually monitored by you. So we’ve done that too.