How do I report a problem with LiteracyPlanet?

From time to time, there will be a bug pop up or you may come across an error that needs to be quickly fixed. This can happen, so we need your support by reporting it to us as soon as possible. Reporting issues when they happen helps make LiteracyPlanet better, and we appreciate the time it takes to give us this information.

If something’s not working on LiteracyPlanet, please follow these instructions on how to report the problem.

1) When the problem happens, please take a screen shot of the activity or page you’re on and attach it to the email

2) Please take note of the activity you are doing by noting down the Year Level (e.g. Year 5) + Skill (e.g. grammar) + Area of skill (e.g. Parts of a Sentence) + Activity name (e.g. Missing parts). 

3) Please email the screen shot with as much further information as possible and with your contact details to:

Our Tech Support Manager will look over the issue and decide the best course of action. Our Tech Support Manager may contact you for further information.

The size and type of issue will decide how long it takes to resolve. But please note our Tech Support Manager will contact you to confirm they receive the issue and will contact you again when the issue is resolved.