Zone 1 - Year 1 Exercise Lists and Information

Zone 1

To develop your reading skills, you will:


·         read and re-read a simple text to develop reading fluency.


·         answer questions to develop your comprehension skills.


·         revise identifying the matching short vowel sounds and consonant sounds and your corresponding letters in simple words.

·         revise identifying the beginning, ending and rhyming sounds in simple words.

·         revise to identifying the position of the sounds in simple words

·         blend the short vowel sound ă and consonants together to read simple words

·         read a simple text with short  ă  words using the ‘sounding out’ reading strategy.

·         practise matching words that rhyme

Sight words

·         learn and practise identifying automatically by sight the following words that are used in high frequency in texts:

To develop your writing skills, you will:


·         revise identifying the correct letters on the keyboard to match the missing sounds in simple words

·         learn to spell more simple words that end in ‘at’:

Grammar & Punctuation

·         practise matching the written word name for the numbers 1-100

Level 3 › Zone 1 › Stage 1

Alphabetical Word Monster
Lost Bear

Level 3 › Zone 1 › Stage 2

Lost Bear
Matching Words That Rhyme - 1

Level 3 › Zone 1 › Stage 3

Matching Words That Rhyme - 2

Level 3 › Zone 1 › Stage 4

Numbers in written form - 1

Level 3 › Zone 1 › Stage 5

Numbers in written form - 2 run / remove