Information for Parents of Subscriber Schools

Teachers, the information we have provided below can be used for school newsletters to provide teachers with more information about how to help their children use LiteracyPlanet at home.

Dear Parent,

As part of our commitment to improving student engagement and delivering better learning outcomes, we have provided your child with a subscription to LiteracyPlanet.

Literacy Planet is an easy and accessible way we can work together to bolster your child’s English literacy learning both in school and at home. It’s already used by more than 70,000 students in schools across Australia, and has content and teaching methods we are happy to recommend.

Students are able to access the LiteracyPlanet system from home, using a Mac, PC or tablet device. Your child has been allocated a unique user name and password, enabling them to logon and access teacher assigned tasks that will consolidate lessons already covered in class in a fun and engaging way.

We invite you to encourage your child/children to challenge themselves as they explore LiteracyPlanet in their own time, further supporting your teacher’s efforts. Children can advance at their own pace, so whether they’re top of the class or looking to improve, LiteracyPlanet can help.