MyWords - Word Play Activities for Spelling, Sight Words and Grammar

My Words – New Feature! 

Word Play Activities for Spelling, Sight Words and Grammar

Students can add their own words and then play LiteracyPlanet games with their own word lists. These games cover a range of skills including sight words, spelling and grammar. A great range of activities to help students develop their word skills.

When you enter ‘My Words’ for the first time you will be asked to work through a tutorial that shows you how to create your list. 


1. Click Create List.


2. Type the name of your list and click Create.


3. Type in words and click Add Word. If your word is spelt incorrectly you will be asked to try again. If you have spelt the word correctly but it says not available, please email us with your requested word and we will add it to our spelling list.


4. Select a game to play. Your game will randomly select words from your list to enter in to the game. The more you play the games the better you will learn your words.


5. Share your results with your teacher by selecting the Results button and then the Share button.


6. Click the Share button to send directly to your teacher, or, add a different email address to share with others.

The MyTeacher email has already been selected, so you do not need to type in your teachers email. The program already knows it and there is no need to enter it again.