How to Print Out Certificates on Literacy Planet

1. From the Dashboard, first find your own leaderboard to identify which children have been doing lots of extra Literacy Planet work and therefore have lots of points.



2. To change the date range of the results, click The Date and select a new date from the calendar. 


3. Once viewing the leaderboard for your selected date range, click the ellipses next to the child’s name to see the Certificates Menu.


4. Click on Leaderboard Certificate for the 1 child who is at the top of the leaderboard (if you have more than one class group, you may need to look down the list to find the leader of other groups

5. The certificate will open as a web PDF. To download the PDF, please check the latest help documentation of your web browser and follow the instructions. 

6. Once the PDF is downloaded you can open and print it using the program of your choice. (Adobe Acrobat is a popular and free program for viewing and printing PDF files.)


NB If you also want to print certificates for those who have come 2nd or 3rd or improved a lot, there is also the option to print a Participation Certificate.