The Teacher Dashboard consists of 4 main areas:

  1. Quick glance Weekly Activity summary
  2. Teaching Quicklinks: The most used functions for teaching your students.
  3. Manage Quicklinks: Edit/Add students & classes , experience student mode, share your account.
  4. Student leaderboard with a date range filter





The Leaderboard is part of the motivation and reward system that makes LiteracyPlanet so engaging. All of your students are listed, and you can filter this information according to date ranges, and classes.

To filter by group, select the dropdown option and select the relevant grouping.

To filter by date, select the beginning or end date, and choose your new dates.


Please be aware, the points you see will differ to the overall points that are visible to the students.

The teacher Leaderboard displays the points accumulated as a student completes their assigned tasks.

The students, however, accumulate points for ALL activities, encouraging free-learning (browsing and completing other exercises).

Printable certificates for being at the top of the Leaderboard and for participation are available when you hover over each student or on the individual Student Reports page.