This section allows teachers to manage the creation of, and assignment, of individual exercises, custom spelling lists, and Exercise Bundles. For more information about Custom Spelling Lists, see our Article on this topic.


The Matrix allows a teacher to browse exercises, starting at the Year Level, drilling-down through subject sets, to individual exercises.  Here, exercises can be assigned to students (individual or group), as well as to Exercise Bundles.

Teachers are able to:
  • Assign individual exercises to individual students
  • Assign individual exercises to a class/group
  • Assign a set of exercises to an individual student
  • Assign a set of exercises to a class/group
  • Assign a set of exercises to an Exercise Bundle, to be assigned at a later time

A break-down of the Matrix page:

  1. Filter options (Class, Tablet Content, My Results)
  2. Student name
  3. Assigned exercises
  4. Average latest % accuracy
  5. Exercises completed within that set
  6. Breadcrumbs (display your navigation through the matrix)
  7. Assign task-set to all students
  8. Assign task-set to a template
  9. Number of tasks within the set





To learn about using the Matrix, check out our step by step instructions: Assigning Exercises to Bundles and Assigning Bundles to Students


The assignments page offers a view of Assigned Exercises, a schedule Calendar, My Bundles and Shared Bundles.


Assigned: displays all bundles that have been assigned, including those that have are Matrix Assigned (assigned directly from the matrix, and not a custom bundle).



Workload:  displays the last assigned tasks for a student.


Calendar: displays a calendar that includes the starting date of scheduled tasks.


My Students' Achievement: displays all completed ASSIGNED tasks by your students.  This can be displayed by a date range, year level or class name.student_achievement

My Students' Activity: displays a list of exercises that have been completed recently by your students.  This page includes ASSIGNED or FREE LEARNING/QUEST exercises and the achieved score.


To learn about using Bundles, check out our step by step instructions: Assigning exercises to Bundles.