Locking Options

LiteracyPlanet includes a range of locking options designed to give you greater control over the content that students can access.


There are currently three types of locking options available:

  • Lock Program: Locks the program so that teacher assigned exercises and tasks are completed first. When a student logs in they will only have access their 'Tasks' tab until the set tasks are completed. Please note, when 'Lock Program' is activated, the student will always have to complete set tasks before accessing the rest of the program. Once the student completes the set tasks, the rest of the program is unlocked so that they can explore.
  • Lock Task Order: Lock tasks so that students can only complete them in the order they were assigned.
  • Year Level Locking: This locking applies to the Learning Menu and Student Guided (Quest) tabs. If you have not enabled 'Year Level Locking', your students have access to every year level.

Teachers can use 'Year Level Locking' to ensure that students are always working on appropriate exercises according to their ability levels. Teachers can select one, or many year levels for their students, and differentiate locking for individual students.

How do I lock my students?

From the My Students > Manage Students section:
  1. Select the students that require locking
  2. Select the required Locking option
  3. Check the students that the change will apply to
  4. Select Lock or Unlock as required
  5. Check the selections in the Manage Students view.