What exactly is LiteracyPlanet?

LiteracyPlanet is the premier online education resource for child literacy learning in Australia. It is designed by Australian educators and aligned to the Australian curriculum.

The concept for LiteracyPlanet was founded in 2007 by Shane Davis who saw the need for quality literacy software for children that was Australian based. Two years of intensive research and development with educators, parents, authors and technology specialists followed. Responses to the test versions of LiteracyPlanet were overwhelming. Students became deeply engaged and re-motivated to learn. Parents were able to see their child’s progress at home and became more involved with classrooms. Use at home led to improved literacy for the whole household. Improved literacy skills led to positive psychological benefits for the children involved. It was clear LiteracyPlanet had an important and valuable role to play in the future of Australian literacy education.

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15,000+ curriculum aligned exercises and games

Shane and his two sons Nick and Jason incorporated the insights from the research and development phase to constantly improve LiteracyPlanet and by 2010 it was ready for schools. Today LiteracyPlanet is used by schools and in homes around Australia.

LiteracyPlanet’s mission and the passion of the LiteracyPlanet team is to lead the way in education technology and improve literacy skills nationwide. LiteracyPlanet aims to achieve this by providing a literacy learning experience for children of all abilities that is accessible, inclusive, empowering and effective, but most of all fun!

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