My Students




My Students allows a teacher to manage students and classes. Within the 'My Students' tab you can do the following:

  • Manage students — add, edit, disable and delete
  • Lock students program and task usage (for more information, see locking pptions)
  • Manage classes — add, edit, delete
  • Message students
  • Assign exercise bundles to individual students, groups or the whole class. 
  • View your student reports by simply clicking on their name — task performance, exercise history and program usage

Manage Students

 Within the 'Manage Students" tab teachers can:

  • Add students — add a student by clicking the green button and select 'New Student'. Make sure you have your classes/groups ready first
  • Find existing students — filter students list, then view, edit or remove
  • Lock the program, task order and year level for individual students, groups or the whole class. 
  • Print Student Cards/List — printing student login information 
  • Assign exercise bundles - assign to individual students, groups or the whole class. 
  • View Diagnostic Reports - displays a student's competency in the various exercises
The page offers a number of features to assist with managing your students:
  • Hidden search - with optional conditions
  • Class filtering - filter students by class, or view all students
  • Individual student management - view, edit, disable and remove individual students
  • Multiple student management - remove, message and lock multiple students. Select all the students, or individual students using the tick-boxes. 
  • Highly visible toggles for easy enable/disable of locking

Edit a Student


Click on the grey cog next to the student you wish to edit.



Alter the applicable details and hit "Save"

(An Administrator has the ability to change a student's Teacher AND Class, whereas a Teacher can only move a student into another class that is assigned to them.)




Manage Classes/Groups

This page allows you to add classes or groups. For ease of use, ensure that you have a plan before establishing classes. The Class/Group can simply be the year level, or it can be a reading or spelling rotation group within a class (for example, Class "7A - Blue Group")