Managing Students

The Manage Students page is also a great resource for quickly checking student login information.



From your dashboard, select "Manage Students"


You will be taken to the My Students tab of your dashboard:



To delete a student, or multiple students:

  1. Select the tick-box for the relevant student(s)
  2. Select Remove
  3. Check the details and confirm the deletion

NOTE: Deleted students can ONLY be restored by LiteracyPlanet support staff. If you wish to suspend a student's access, use the method below.


To edit student details, or reset a student’s password:

  1. Select the  for the relevant Student
  2. Select Edit
  3. Make the required changes and Save


To suspend a student's access:

  1. Select the  for the relevant Student
  2. Select Disable
  3. You will be asked to confirm your selection
  4. You can Enable the student again with this method