Creating Exercise Bundles - Matrix or Quick Assign?

There are two ways to create and add exercises to your bundles. This page will help you decide which option fits your needs the best. 


The matrix view gives you the ability to have a logical and categorized overview of all exercises in LiteracyPlanet, starting from the top at year levels and sorting down to learning areas, then it gets more specific until you are finally looking at the individual exercises themselves.

The matrix also has some handy visual cues indicating which students have completed exercises in which area.

Click here for a guide on using the matrix and using it to create bundles.


Quick Assign

The quick assign tool allows you to quickly search for exercises using a less graphical approach that utilises filtration selections alongside a search bar.

This is really handy for when you either already know the exercise you are looking for or if you need to find a specific concept to cover.

Click here for a guide on using quick assign.

Click here for a guide on using the tool to add exercises to bundles.


Assigning Bundles to Students

Please see this section of the Managing Students - Teacher guide.