Printing Student Login Information - Administrator

This article walks through the steps to print student login information from the Administration dashboard.

If you don't have administrative access and only need to print student information for your own class, please refer to the Printing Student Login Information - Teacher article.

There are two documents that can be printed, 'Student List' and 'Student Cards'. The student list is great for teachers to have an easy to read list containing their student information and the student cards can be issued out to students so that they have a copy themselves.

For security reasons please do not post student login information in a public place (ie a classroom). In the past this has lead to students logging in to each others accounts and spending all of their credits.

Student Cards Student List

*Data shown isn't real student information


To print student information follow these steps:


  1. log in at (guide here)
  2. Click on the 'Administration' button                                          
  3. Hover over the green cog and select the option most relevant to you (see above for differences)