In-App Upload Tool (Bulk Upload)

We have a feature that allows Administrators to upload a student spreadsheet to our Customer Service team, directly through the program. The tool can be accessed from an Administrator's dashboard and provides a simple method for adding multiple students, or making changes to your subscription.

This tool adds security to your students' data, as the information is transferred over a secure connection, directly to our database.

This new tool has 2 different components, Bulk Upload Tool and Migration Upload Tool.


The Bulk Upload Tool is available all year round and is designed for any Administrator to provide details of students to be added in bulk, rather than added manually.  The Support team will not delete students during an upload through this tool. If you wish to delete students, see our article on Managing Students.


The tool is reached from the Administrator dashboard, under the Users tab.Screen_Shot_2017-08-23_at_12.37.35_pm.png


Select Add or Migrate in Bulk, and click the Upload New Student Data button.



If you have not already completed one of our spreadsheet templates, you can download a blank copy by clicking Blank Student Template.

Once completed, use the Choose file button to select the completed spreadsheet for upload. You can add any comments to the box, to assist the Support team with your upload.



Once a file has been uploaded, any Administrator can see the details, including any comments returned by the Support team, if the data needs editing.  Any Administrator can also delete this file, however the details will disappear once Support have completed the upload.Screen_Shot_2017-08-23_at_1.19.30_pm.png

You will be notified by email once the upload is completed.